Real Estate Market Watch: Rancho Palos Verdes – April 2018

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Another month in the books! Lets take a look April’s numbers!

RPV had solid numbers for the month of April. Single Family Home sales saw increases across the board, pushing the average sale price into the $1.6M range where it was prior to a low average we experienced in March! Days on market did increase slightly to 33 days from 28 days in March, but everything else moved in a positive direction!

Condominiums came back down to ‘normal’ levels for the month of April compared to inflated numbers in March, mainly due to  a couple of $1M+ condos that sold. Total number of units sold dropped by two and the average for the month is $728,750, much lower than March ($843,750) but more in line with where the figures were in February ($720,600).

Look for the next month’s numbers to stay on their current trajectory.

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