How to Sell a Unique Home

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Selling a unique home can be challenging because it will not be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ home.

Unique homes often have distinct styles, layouts, and/or architecture that sets them apart from your contemporary homes that everyone can picture themselves in. The challenge with unique homes is buyers may not be able to visualize what it might be like to live in or utilize the space. If buyers cant see themselves living in your home, they likely wont be sending offers.

Instead of seeing them as obstacles, we find ways to highlight those special features so a prospective buyer can envision themselves living happily in your home! Below you will see some of the strategies we use to find the right buyer for the most unique homes!

What one homebuyer may consider charming and full of character, another may see it as just “old”.   One buyer may see a house as “updated”, while another might see the same home as “dated”. Over the years, we’ve encountered numerous homes that have features that would be considered “unique”. Whether it’s the layout, the architecture, the view or any number of factors, our job is to “accentuate the positives” and make each potential buyer find something to fall in love with!

It is also our job – as well as one of our specialties –  to evaluate each home’s features, and to ascertain how most homebuyer’s would view them. 


Have a property with a lot of concrete and little grass? A gardener probably won’t have that home at the top of their list. However, someone with a boat or multiple cars will probably be very interested in that feature.

Our area lends itself to much history, and this is reflected in many of the homes we sell. We’ve represented homes built or owned by the founders of our cities, homes that are designed by renowned architects, homes with many different vantage points, and unique lots. These can be key selling points for the right buyer, and if they are not being marketed, they can go unnoticed.

While marketing is important in the sale of every home, it is especially imperative to know how to market the unique features of your home. 

If your home is literally a castle, it is a home “fit for royalty”.   Mid-century modern? Let’s host a cocktail party!  Our task at hand is to paint a picture for the buyer of what it would be like to live in your home.  

We do this in many ways – starting with staging your home to maximize the space and show your buyer what it would be like to live in your home. We do this with words – writing a description that makes them want to come and see for themselves;  our photos – a picture is worth a thousand words, video, specialty photography…whatever is required to capture your home from its best light!

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