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Our Home Selling Tips series talks about what we do for our clients to ensure their home shines in the best light when coming to market! These and more are included in our Concierge Package, included for all sellers at no additional fee or charge. Topics range from home staging and decluttering, to more complex upgrades, such as paint, flooring and even full-blown remodels and remodeling to sell.

Each video is around 2 minutes, so they are super quick and easy to watch if you’re looking for ways to make your home stand out from the crowd! Some of these home-selling tips double as potential upgrades you can do to your current home even if you don’t plan on selling!

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Staging is one of the most basic home selling tips you can do as a seller. As the saying goes, staging sells! With a warehouse full of furnishings and an on-staff interior designer, The Prestige Team offers FREE professional staging for all of our clients looking to sell their home! We stage with physical furniture and typically do not use virtual staging. 


A cluttered house usually does not show very well. One of the best, and easiest, ways to really show off your home is to get rid of all the unnecessary items you may have laying around. Things that clutter your home are usually decorative ornaments, collectibles, family pictures, excessive furniture, etc. Rule of thumb is: if you are not going to use it in the next month or two, PACK IT! Might as well get a head start!

The Little Things

Often overlooked, things like light fixtures and plumbing fixtures make a HUGE difference! These are often inexpensive upgrades that can add a ton of value in the eyes of a buyer! Anything you touch in the home: light switches, hand rails, medicine cabinets etc. can be counted in this category. Of all the home selling tips, this is probably one which will give you the biggest impact for the least amount of money!

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Paint Plan

When it comes to paint, the idea is not to be too colorful or neutral. If paint is in the budget, keeps these tips in mind!

Color Concepts

Establishing a theme using colors you already have in your home is something The Prestige Team specializes in. From coastal to ranch themes, we’ve done it all! Choosing a color and theme is among the most critical of our home selling tips.

Doors & Baseboards

Often overlooked, doors and baseboards can make your home look much more contemporary or upscale. Just like light and plumbing fixtures, doors and baseboards are an excellent upgrade to give your home an extraordinary look!

Flooring Choices

From laminate to hardwood floors and everywhere in between, today’s flooring choices are vast! We see more and more laminate in homes due to the fact that it’s affordable, durable, and easy to repair. Of all the home selling tips we provide, flooring is top 3 as far as ‘wow’ factor goes.

Bathroom Options

Do you have a big bathroom remodel in mind with small budget? We can help with that! Just because it looks like a million dollars doesn’t mean you have to spend that much!

Big Ideas

If you have a bigger budget for your home, kitchens and bathrooms offer the most return on your money! As the saying goes: Begin with the end in mind. The key here is to ensure you have a plan!

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Decluttering & Emptying Properties

Need help with decluttering? Whether you need a few boxes and an extra set of hands, have a house full of items that need to go, we have the resources in place ready to assist with your needs!

Schedule Management

Schedule Management is crucial if you have a time frame in mind for the sale of your home. Let us use our experience to ensure every aspect of preparing your home for the market stays on schedule!

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The added benefit of working with The Prestige Team is that one of our Real Estate Professionals is always available to help. No missed opportunities!