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With so many buyers looking for homes, selling can seem outright scary!

Fortunately, conquering evil spirits and giving your home a thorough blessing is all part of our included services when selling your home. From prepping your home with our suggested upgrades/repairs, down to the final staging details, we take care of all aspects of the selling process to ensure you get the maximum amount of money from this market; all at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS and NO HIDDEN FEES!

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Included on Every Listing:

We  help transform your home from Scary to Spectacular!

Before After

Need Additional Assistance? We Specialize in that!

Decluttering & Clearing Out

Need help with decluttering? Whether you need a few boxes and an extra set of hands, or require an estate sale, we have the resources in place ready to assist with your needs!

Schedule Management

Schedule Management is crucial if you have a time frame in mind for the sale of your home, and is part of our services when performing repairs/upgrades to sale!

Team = Always Available

The added benefit of working with The Prestige Team is that one of our Real Estate Professionals is always available to help. No missed opportunities!

Before and After Pictures

Sometimes spending a bit of money in the right places can give you a big return. Over the span of 20+ years and over a dozen flip projects, we know exactly how to maximize your investment when fixing or upgrading your home in preparation for a sale. 

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