Buying and Selling Homes During Covid-19

The entire world has now been affected by the virus known as Covid-19. The nation, along with individual states, have each taken their appropriate actions in dealing with the virus. As of March 28th, 2020, Real Estate was declared as an essential service, meaning real estate can operate during the Safer At Home order.

Although real estate transactions can still take place, there are several guidelines that must be followed in order to comply with regulations from both the state and the California Association of Reators. 

Karen Anderson & The Prestige Team are still operating and selling homes during this pandemic. In addition to our arsenal of free services, including staging, we are now including 360° virtual tours with all of listings! Contact us for more information.

Read below for more information on our services and resources to stay up to date on Covid-19.

Practice social distancing and stay safe! 

Included Services When Selling Your Home

On Every Listing:

Need Additional Assistance? We Specialize in that!

Decluttering & Clearing Out

Need help with decluttering? Whether you need a few boxes and an extra set of hands, or require an estate sale, we have the resources in place ready to assist with your needs!

Schedule Management

Schedule Management is crucial if you have a time frame in mind for the sale of your home, and is part of our services when performing repairs/upgrades to sale!

Team = Always Available

The added benefit of working with The Prestige Team is that one of our Real Estate Professionals is always available to help. No missed opportunities!

“We do everything we can to help our clients achieve their real estate goals – blending modern technology with good old-fashioned ‘roll up your sleeves’ hard work.”

-Karen Anderson

Covid-19 Resources

How to Buy A House During Covid-19