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San Pedro Real Estate Market Watch: May ’18

Today we will be covering the real estate transactions for the month of May 2018 in San Pedro. A quick overview tells us that the real estate market in San Pedro is still buzzing and will continue on its trend for at least the next few years. Although condominium and townhouse sales dipped this month, […]

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San Pedro Real Estate Market Watch: April ’18

Another month in the books! Lets take a look the San Pedro Real Estate Market Watch numbers for the month of April. To summarize the numbers below: San Pedro real estate experienced a pullback in comparison to what we saw in March. Although volume was down, average price increased for single family homes while cutting […]

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San Pedro Real Estate Market Watch: March 2018

Happy Easter! We’ve officially started spring and it is apparent in the increased sales over the last month! A quick overview tells us that the San Pedro real estate market is starting to come alive from its deep winter slumber. San Pedro real estate saw green arrows across the board for the month of March. […]

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Real Estate Market Watch: San Pedro – February 2018

Another month in the books! With daylight savings starting again soon, the market is starting to awaken from its winter slumber. San Pedro bounced back nicely after a very slow January where only 20 units sold. 37 units sold in February, nearly doubling the January sales. Single family residences (SFR) experienced green arrows in all […]

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Millennials and Real Estate

Why Millennials are struggling with Real Estate: Source:http://www.marketwatch.com/…/millennials-in-texas-and-in-ca… If you’re a millennial and are discouraged to enter the Real Estate market, you are definitely not alone! As you can see in the graphic above, Millennials across the country have different barriers when it comes to home ownership. The North East suffers from credit card debt, […]

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