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L.A. Waterfront – San Pedro Public Market

L.A. Waterfront – San Pedro Public Market  Recently we attended an exclusive update on the work being done at The Port of Los Angeles, also commonly referred to as the L.A. Waterfront. The update was held in downtown San Pedro, high above street level on the 11th floor of Topaz Building.  Two primary speakers joined […]

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First Time Home Buyers: 3) Maintenance

So you’ve done it. You just bought your house… wait, what? “What the HELL did I just get myself into?!?” might be going through your mind at this point. The reality that you just signed a contract putting you in great deal of debt can make one second guess their decisions. However, one can also […]

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Millennials and Real Estate

Why Millennials are struggling with Real Estate: Source:…/millennials-in-texas-and-in-ca… If you’re a millennial and are discouraged to enter the Real Estate market, you are definitely not alone! As you can see in the graphic above, Millennials across the country have different barriers when it comes to home ownership. The North East suffers from credit card debt, […]

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