5 Reasons to Live in San Pedro

Nestled at the southernmost tip of Los Angeles County, in a place known to some as the Bay of LA, lies the cozy harbor town of San Pedro, CA. A cultural hub with proud history and beautiful ocean views, San Pedro is somehow one of Southern California’s best kept secrets, as mentions of the harbor-town tend to elicit “Where’s” outside the South Bay and even much of the rest of Southern California.

San Pedro is a place that many eventually choose to call home not long after discovering it. And once you’ve spent some time researching and walking around this cozy harbor town, it’s easy to see why.

Here are 5 reasons why people choose to live in San Pedro.

Affordable Ocean-View Real Estate

One of the many reasons people want to live in California is for the chance to live by the ocean. In Southern California, there is no shortage of Pacific Ocean view homes with beautiful, but in San Pedro you’ll get these premium features at an affordable price. San Pedro is home to some of the most affordable ocean view real estate in the Los Angeles area and offers spectacular views of Catalina Island from its South Shores, Palisades, and Point Fermin neighborhoods. In fact, it’s hard not find a place in town that doesn’t have a view of the Pacific Ocean, as its many parks and waterfront restaurants are perched nearby.

Where many will pay millions of dollars to live in Santa Monica or Redondo Beach, San Pedro offers not only a better price tag for your dream waterfront property, but an overall more peaceful and spacious alternative. Where life in Hermosa and Huntington Beach can be fast paced, and sometimes chaotic with the influx of tourists, San Pedro gives homeowners a quieter place to live as it remains largely away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. However, if you are looking for entertainment,

Los Angeles Waterfront

Down by the port not far from where the historical USS Iowa weighs anchor is the prestigious Los Angeles Waterfront, more commonly known as the San Pedro Waterfront, or Ports O’ Call Village.

Opening in 1907, Ports O’ Call was a popular district by the water for locals looking to buy fresh seafood at the Fish Market while taking in sights of the harbor and dinning on delicious grub such as shrimp fajitas, churros, and ceviche at the many restaurants nestled inside. Visitors can go on fishing trips with one of the fishing companies docked in the Village or take a quick tour by boat around the harbor to see terminal island and one of the world’s longest breakwaters out near Cabrillo beach.

In 2016 Ports O’ Call was approved for a brand new $90 million dollar expansion that is sure to bring in brand new attractions for locals to enjoy and will be known as West Harbor. Though development won’t be complete until 2022 at the earliest, the new section of San Pedro’s classic waterfront is said to be bringing in new restaurants, a shopping center, an open-air amphitheater, and office space for new businesses. With this new construction the revamped waterfront will not only bring in new commerce and fun for locals, but business opportunities and jobs as well.

Culture & Food

California is a state that prides itself on its diversity as many different groups of people and cultures choose to settle within its comforting borders. San Pedro is home to a lively Latino, Croatian and Italian community. The Croatian American club is located on 9th street off the main road on Gaffey, while the Italian American Club makes their home just off 19th and Cabrillo. These groups often come together in San Pedro’s growing and diverse downtown district where these groups congregate at the many bars, breweries, and restaurants that makeup much of the district.

Head over to Slavko’s and order a plate of cevapcici on Pacific Ave or visit A-1 Italian Market on 8th street to get your groceries and order a hoagie to-go. If you’re coming home late from work, get an Al Pastor burrito at El Habanero MX’s food truck located at Ray Deeter’s Tire shop in downtown.

With a vibrant immigrant community like this you’ll never go hungry in the Bay of LA.

Parks and Recreation

On top of being a great place buy real estate in the South Bay, San Pedro is also one of the best outdoor towns in the area as well, despite its busy port.

The Bay of LA is home to a number of different scenic parks where you can breathe in the fresh ocean air while enjoying the sun on a nice Spring or Summer day. Head over to Point Fermin and visit the historical Point Fermin Lighthouse built in 1874. Enroll your kids in AYSO soccer so they can play at Friendship park overlooking the harbor area and greater Los Angeles county. Visit the historical Korean Bell of Friendship gifted to the US by the South Korean government after the Korean War Armistice. Adults and kids alike will also love visiting the Marine Mammal Care Center, an open-air facility treating seals and sea lions before they are returned to the ocean. If you have trouble finding it, just listen for their loud barks near old Fort McArthur which was turned into a museum after WWII.

At the end of the day, the best view of the sunset in town is easily White Point Park down by the tidepools. On particularly windy days, following heavy rain especially, you’ll be treated to a show of crashing waves as the Sun cast a stunning orange light upon the water. Many locals come down to this area to take in the view while barbecuing food at Sunset. Once you’ve seen it for yourself, it’s easy to see why.

Schools – Marine Magnet Programs

When searching for a place to settle down, parents often take a special interest in the schools that their kids will be attending.  In San Pedro, you’ll get one of the best schools in the district, as it is home to LAUSD’s Marine Science Magnet Program.

With a plethora of quality public and charter school programs with a focus on marine science, math, and other sciences, your growing soon-to be professional will have no shortage of quality education as they prepare themselves for college and adulthood.

Schools such as Dana Middle School, San Pedro High, POLAH, Baxter, and more provide your children with not just a safe space to learn but a place they can grow intellectually and become future professionals in their field. Regardless of where your student chooses to learn, they’ll be treated to a quality education here in the Bay of LA.

San Pedro is becoming less and less a secret to many as its growing diversity and popularity are becoming more obvious to the rest of the state and those who wish to settle within California. Regardless of where one chooses to live here, the Bay of LA is a warm and welcoming home to all who come here.

Credit to my college buddy, Wesley Dugle, who is a ‘Peedro native and writer, for putting this piece together for me! Catch him at regularly at Brouwerij West or subscribe to his blog at popwasabi.com!

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