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These are the core values of Karen Anderson and The Prestige Team. Since 1997, Karen has been selling Real Estate in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Karen and her team have been named the Top Producing Group in their office each year since 2008, and since 2011 have been recognized as the Top Listing Agents and for selling more homes than any other agent or group.


There are a lot of details to be handled when selling a home. It is our job to streamline the home sale process for you, ensuring everything is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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  • Karen Anderson sold our San Pedro home. She helped us figure out what we needed to re-hab before the sale and found the tradesmen to take care of the work for very reasonable prices. She was proactive without being pushy, and she got us more than asking price for our home. A class act. We highly recommend her.
    Sonia G.
  • Karen Anderson is one of those rare people who has the biggest heart and actually cares about you! Selling a home can be a nerve-wrecking process! Karen handled everything and it was completed quickly and professionally. I wish more people in this world still worked like Karen!! I was able to relax and let the process work its course. Karen looked out for me the entire time to get what I deserved!
    Michael Besem
  • Karen is amazing. I’m very hard on Realtors. I went through a few before i met Karen. I expect quick responses and I expect a level of competency that unfortunately and surprisingly most Realtors that I’ve met don’t meet or even come close to. Karen will work hard for you, be honest and when i say honest i can say she will straight out tell you what shes sees wrong with a property if you are looking to buy it. (I love that about her.) I can’t say enough about her. She really knows her stuff and she’s truly one of the best. Shes also one of the nicest people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting too.
    Lynn Couch
  • After being referred to Karen Anderson by a friend, Karen helped my wife and I purchase our first home. Next, Karen helped us sell our first home, for a profit, and really came through for us on our second home. Both of the home purchases were short sales and without Karen’s industry connections and expertise I would not have been able to afford the house or neighborhood I live in now. It was a huge step up through a very small window of opportunity. My family and I are very grateful to her. She always kept her cool even when I went on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the process. She always kept her word. She is a true professional at what she does.
    Daryl Sundberg
  • Karen is the Real Deal!!! If you are looking for a real estate agent – Karen is the ONE!!! You tell her exactly what you are looking for and she does her homework and finds you just what you want. She is relentless and she will not stop looking for you until she finds the right place. I have utilized her services twice and both times, she found the right place for my family and I. I highly recommend her and her experience in the field is top-notch!!!
    Daphne Ashford
  • Karen Anderson sold our home in San Pedro. She helped us with the re-hab process by securing the tradesmen necessary, all of whom did affordable work. She was always available to answer questions and to drop by to let people in or out. She got more than we asked for the home and spent some time really determining the value of our place. Karen is truly a class-act, and I hope we can work with her again in the future.
    Michael E.
  • Karen Anderson has been our real estate broker through multiple sales and acquisitions. She is tops! She knows the micro-markets in the South Bay. She knows how to make a sale attractive and she knows which properties to jump on when we wanted to buy. She even helped us find a home all the way up in the Hollywood Hills! Wow!
    Ramon L. Grijalva
  • Karen Anderson has done a fabulous job helping my son and his fiance , my best friend, and of course my husband and me. We all love our new homes. She’s a very reliable and wonderful lady to work with. I highly recommend everyone to call her!
    Delora Bertsch
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