Brief History of Rancho Palos Verdes

There are many things our clients consider when purchasing a new home. There are, of course, the obvious things like the school district, weather, proximity to economic centers or even demographics. In some of our more historic cities, I often field questions about the how the city was established and developed. Since I primarily work on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and in the Los Angeles Harbor, areas with a very rich history, it’s always a pleasure to share what I know. One of the most desirable areas here is Rancho Palos Verdes.

In 1913 Frank Vanderlip, the President of the National Bank of New York, purchased 16,000 acres of the Palos Verdes Peninsula sight unseen. Throughout the next several decades, the land was used for cattle ranching and farming, and was later purchased by the Great Lakes Carbon Company. They intended to use the property for mining but then realized the lucrative opportunities that lay before them in the real estate itself. While the rest of the Los Angeles area was being developed as the California sun lured newcomers to the area in droves, the Palos Verdes Peninsula was largely preserved. Ranchos Palos Verdes itself has only been incorporated since 1973, and much of the surrounding land, with its natural coastal beauty, ensconces the high-end estates along the bluffs. This fact, along with breathtaking views of the bluffs, the sea and Catalina Island, have made this a very popular and affluent suburb of Los Angeles. Many have moved to Ranchos Palos Verdes and the surrounding towns of Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills and Rolling Hills Estates to get away from the busy, crowded, over-developed regions that are just east of the picturesque hills and shoreline.
As Ranchos Palos Verdes real estate is developed more and more, there is an ongoing effort by the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy to maintain the beauty and purity of the land. Most recently, the committee managed to conserve two miles of the peninsula as a national park, ensuring that the area won’t become just another over-populated eye sore. This preserved land and many other similar pockets along the peninsula serve as community parks for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty hands on and to get away from the chaos of modern life. Hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails in tandem with the beautiful weather, means there’s always something to do at one of Ranchos Palos Verdes’ many parks! The coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula provides a spectacular opportunity for whale watching and following the yearly migration of the Pacific Gray Whale, which is celebrated in a cheerful festival called “Whale Of A Day”.

The “small town” feel so close to the big city is very much cherished by Rancho Palos Verdes residents. With a population of just over forty thousand people, there is plenty of room to breathe! For families considering buying Ranchos Palos Verdes real estate, the Palos Verdes School District High School is rated among the top 100 public and private high schools in the nation. The district is also home to the prestigious Chadwick School and several other notable private schools.

The Rancho Palos Verdes lifestyle of serenity and simplicity is one that many in the Los Angeles area envy. Those who already live in Ranchos Palos Verdes enjoy clean air and spectacular coastline as well as a close-knit community. It is truly a place where nature and a modern lifestyle have managed to successfully and happily co-exist. Click here to see homes for sale in Rancho Palos Verdes.